600 Series Card Counters FAQ’s

Q. How do we know if our plant is wired properly for Spartanics counters?
A. Check the polarity and ground of the power outlets in your facility. Hardware or electronic stores sell “line testers”. These testers are safe, easy to use and will quickly indicate if a wall outlet is properly wired.

Q. What are the counters printing capabilities?
A. Counters can print to either a parallel printer, serial printer or both. The parallel printer cable is an IBM compatible type. This is a cable with a 25-pin male “D-sub”; with the other end of the cable having a “Centronics” connector. In the case of the serial printer, you may refer to the manual or call a Spartanics technician.

The counters are pre-set to print with the parallel type interface. There are two categories in the menu: parallel out and serial out. Each have separate identical options: Label, Report or Neither mode.

  • Label Mode: Specifications for Label Mode are 31 characters wide by 5 lines high; printing one label across.
  • Report Mode: Specifications for Report Mode are 75 characters wide by 60 lines long. This mode is excellent for printers that use 8-1/2″ x 11″ paper.
  • Neither Mode: If there is not a printing device connected, “Neither” should be selected from the counters’ menu system.

Since there are two separate categories for parallel out and serial out, the user may print a label to a printer with a parallel interface and print a report to a printer with a serial interface simultaneously. The serial printer is able to print in one language, the parallel printer can print a 2nd language and the counter can display a 3rd language simultaneously.

Q. Can CR80 cards be counted in a card box?
A. Yes, you can count the cards in a standard CR80 card size box (up to 43.18cm length and the bottom part of the box should be only 3.81cm high so as not to interfere with optical counting).  Our model 625 counter counts boxes of laminated cards that have been shrink wrapped in the box.

Q. How fast does the counter count?
A. 762mm (30″) CR80 cards counting and verifying (up and back) at 7.4 seconds.  Speed variation will depend on the thickness of the card.

Q. How often will new parts be needed?
A. The 600 Series Counters generally operate 3 years without a need for parts based on normal use.  At the 3 year point, we recommend the counter to be factory re-calibrated to maintain accuracy.

Q. How do I prepare my 600 Card Counter for use?

  • For optimum results always operate at room temperature.
  • Place the counter on a sturdy, flat surface.
  • Do not expose to direct sunlight.
  • Avoid Fluorescent lighting; interference can affect the operation of the sensor.
  • Make sure the power switch is off before connecting the power cord.
  • Test the power outlet for proper ground and output voltage.
  • The foot switch is keyed, insert the plug in and twist it to the right—it will lock in place. 

Q. Is there a correct way to clean the counter?

  • Keeping the counter clean means better performance and possible extended life.
  • The environment for the counter will affect how often it will have to be cleaned.
  • When cleaning the counter, always disconnect the power supply cord from the power outlet.
  • Do not spray cleaning materials directly into the counter’s sensing slot since this may result in damage.
  • Never use abrasive cleaners or harsh solvents; abrasive cleaning may scratch or damage certain areas.
  • The sensing head cover glass (sensing window) can be cleaned as follows: turn the counter on, allow two to three seconds for the sensor to leave the home position, and then turn the power off. This will put the sensor somewhere in the middle of the housing. Take a cotton swab and dip it in window cleaner, then apply it to the sensing window to remove dust and debris. Next use a dry cotton swab to eliminate the film off the glass window. Caution: Always use filtered air to blow debris from the sensing head’s cover glass.


Q. What do I do if I need to return to Spartanics for cleaning or repair?

  • Be sure to save the carton and packing materials that comes with your counter. It is essential when shipping your machine that the original packaging is used so as not to void the warranty.
  • When sending the unit in for repair, please attach a letter with the following information: company name, address, contact, phone number and a purchase order number to ensure fast response and better communication. 

Q. Is software to connect the 600 Series Counters with the PC included?

The basic connectivity software to interface with a PC or run a printer is already programmed into the M640 counter. There are ports for each function available on the rear side of the counter.Our software will interface to a PC, but the customer’s PC itself will require some form of software to make use of the data that is exported from the counter. An example of such a program is called WinWedge and has been employed by several customers for managing the data. Here is a link that shows the attributes of this available program: http://www.taltech.com/products/winwedge There are many other such programs that an IT department might select from.

Note: The instruction manual has a gold mine of helpful tips. To save time and money, read the manual.

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