Decorated Material Registration Feed FAQ’s

Q: How can I reduce our down time?

  • Keep the optical lens on the sensing head assembly clean.  Alcohol and a cotton swab are recommended.
  • Check the “music wire” stabilizing components on each encoder assembly.  The wires should be tight to prevent side play in the encoders which enhances positioning accuracy.
  • Keeping the drive wheels and encoder wheels clean is very important!  The encoder wheels should be removed and their teeth should be cleaned of debris.  Also, remove any build-up from the encoder shaft areas.  At this time, the gripping teeth of the drive wheels are fully exposed and can be cleaned of debris.  A pointed razor knife is ideal for getting into each tooth groove.  Be sure that the 0.127mm (0.005″) space between the gripping surface and the beveled drive flange is free of built up debris.
  • This unit is exposed to vibration, so take the time to tighten any loose fasteners on the feed system.
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