M83 Registration Punch FAQ’s

Q: How do I order new or replacement tooling for Spartanics M83 Registration Punch?
A: The following information will be needed:

  • What is the final hole size desired?
  • What is the material being punched?
  • What is the thickness of the material?

     Our part number system is:

  • Punches 38-171-XXX
  • Strippers 38-172-XXX
  • Dies 38-173-XXX

The XXX numbers refer to a specific sizes and applications.  A record should be kept by the customer of their specific number to save time when placing an order.

Q: Why is our punch and die chipping?
A: This is due to poor tooling alignment caused by normal brake, gib, or bearing block wear.  For
proper tooling maintenance and alignment refer to Chapter 8.11 in the manual or call 847-394-5700, ext. 1503.

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