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Spartanics has a pristine reputation for its development of plastic card equipment.  The plastic card equipment technology developed by Spartanics allows card manufacturers the ability to start full scale productions at minimal costs or the ability to selectively upgrade parts of their current application process.


Plastic card equipment includes a series of specialized machinery for the production of plastic cards.  From creating and punching out actual card material, to inspection systems and card counters; Spartanics has you covered.

Our technology is able to ease the customer through the process of card manufacturing one step at a time.  Although we do offer standard systems, we are able to customize our plastic card equipment to meet your application needs.

In order to not cause confusion, we will give a general overview of how a typical a plastic card system operates.  First, material (roll or sheet) is fed through a press where special dies cut the material.  This is also known as blanking.

The scrap for the material is then extracted and the remaining cut outs continue on a conveyor.  The cards that were created are then removed and sorted through a Card Inspection System.  The Card Inspection System checks for any defects within the card.

Finally, before shipping cards to the final customer, they are processed through a Card Counter.  The Card Counter, within seconds, counts the cards.


  • Consistent Accuracy
  • High Speed Production
  • Reduced Labor Costs
  • Long Life Tooling
  • Reduced Rejects
  • Increased Profits
  • Compatibility
  • Elimination of Operator Error
  • Variety of Material Applications


Spartanics has over 50 years of experience with handling and developing plastic card equipment technology.  Spartanics plastic card equipment technology beats industry standards. Our state-of-the art engineering and software enable us to provide you with a high quality product at a low initial investment; customizable for the growing needs and demands of your particular production.

  • We can offer full x,y and rotation correction on every press stroke.
  • Our press runs up to 140 strokes per minute per maximum throughput speeds.
  • Our press design allows us to run either steel rule die or hard tools; giving our customers the most flexibility in the market for financial, loyalty or hang tag cards.

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