SR350 – Semi-Rotary Converting Solution

sr350-semi rotary-converting-labels-packaging-machine

The Spartanics SR350 is a base model semi-rotary converting solution for entry level label converters.  This user friendly, compact machine was designed for the label converter that demands quick job changeovers and quality results, but seeks simplicity.

Capable of running at speeds of 80 meters per minute, the Spartanics SR350 provides quality cuts while meeting the industry’s growing demand of faster cutting speeds.  In addition to the quality semi-rotary die cutting, label converters are able to further enhance their label and packaging products through the utilization of several converting options, including corona treatment, varnish, lamination, auto back scoring and more.

Interested in incorporating laser into your production?  Check out the laser model, SRL350 Semi-Rotary Converting Solution.


The SR350 Semi Rotary Converting System provides flawless results and products that can be supplied to a number of today’s markets, including:

  • Labels
  • Packaging
  • Decals
  • Industrial
  • Health & Beauty
  • Food & Beverage
  • Automotive
  • Pharmaceutical


The SR350 Semi Rotary Converting System is able to be integrated with the most popular converting options available in today’s industry.

  • Laser Die Cutting
  • Semi-Rotary or Full Rotary Die Cutting
  • Varnish Station
  • Lamination Device
  • Sheeter
  • Back Scoring Slitter


Unwinder Max Web Width 13.78″
Unwinder Max Roll Diameter 19.69″
Rewinder Max Web Width 13.78″
Rewinder Max Roll Diameter 19.69″
Waste Rewind Max Roll Diameter 19.69″
System Registration +/- 0.006″



Laser Die Cutting Module 200W or 400W Sealed CO2
Semi-Rotary Die Cutting 19″ Cylinder, 4″-8″ Repeat
Semi-Rotary Die Cutting Speed Up to 80+ m/min
*High Speed Option Available
Varnish Station Flood Coating – UV/Aqueous
Laminator Self Wound or Laminate w/Liner
Back Scoring Slitter Stationary Blades
Sheeter – Servo Controlled Programmable Sheet Length
Rewind Module Single or Dual


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