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Q. What does Spartanics need to determine the UV Dryer for our application?
A. Please answer the following:
1. What is the maximum material width?
2. What is the maximum print size (width x length)?
3. What is the minimum space (gap) that is required in the direction of travel between images?
4. What is the finished product? (labels, transfers, flexible circuits, antennas, banners, etc.)
5. What types of material will you use (paper, foils, etc.)?
6. What will be the range of the material thickenss?
7. What types of inks will you use (solvent or UV-inks or both)?
8. What is the maximum (thermo) drying temperature?
9. What is your desired production speed? Quantity per hour, month or year?
10. Do you need any specialty in-line production units, such as laminating, die cutting, embossing, cutter, slitter, etc.?
11. Do you need off-line finishing equipment?
12. Any special requests for your production (scratch free surface, long drying times, etc.?

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