Questions to better help Spartanics understand your specific application for Laser Die Cutting.

1. Is the material to be laser die cut — web or sheet?

2. What type of printer are you using?

3. Are you familiar with Laser Die Cutting?

4. What type of die cutting solution do you currently use?

5. If it is sheet, what is the width and length?

6. If it is web, what is the width?

7. What is the material type? For example, polyester or styrene.

8. What is the material thickness?

9. What type of Laser Die Cutting is required? Cut the parts completely around the perimeter leaving them on release paper? Or cut them completely letting them fall on a conveyor?

10. What is the approximate size of the parts?

11. Can you provide a dimensioned part drawing and samples? File format preferable in a .dxf or .dwg file.

12. How many parts per hour do you need to produce?

13. What is the sheet or web speed criteria? Linear feet or meters per minute?

14. What other options are of interest? Laminating, slitting, sheeting, UV coating, hot and / or cold foil stamping.

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