400 Series Stack Counter

stack counter

Control Counts—Control Costs 
Whether you need accurate counts for regulatory compliance or simply to control inventory costs, the 400 Series Stack Counters give you an accurate count using the sophisticated optical scan technology that Spartanics is well known for.

Counts are quick-127mm (5”) per second-and accurate-99.5% accuracy or better.

The 400s are tools for converters, card manufacturers, narrow label manufacturers, printers, package printers, promotional product companies, security printers, and anyone else who seeks an alternative to antiquated, inexact, and costly weighing, measuring, or hand count methods.

400 models are configured to work in-line with other equipment or as off-line mobile units. Models also vary sizes of loading tables. Can count a stack 15″ (381mm) high. The maximum quanity it can count in one count would be dependent on the thickness of the material.

Easy-to-operate, 400 Stack Counters come with the option to pre-program set-ups ahead of time, including both visual and audio alarms if pre-set counts are off.

Folded cartons, carton material, pharmaceutical inserts, poster board, plastic sheets, decals, blister pack cards, tickets, record albums, folded brochures, abrasive sheets, paperboard lids, playing cards, tickets, greeting cards, laminated materials—you name it and the 400 will count it!

400 With The Maxi-Table Option
The maxi-table is our most popular option and ideal for many general applications.

400 With The Mini-Tray Configuration
The mini-tray configuration provides easy stacking for small and hard to stack materials in or out of boxes.

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