Ribbon Hot Stamping Machine – E2-TR


The E2-TR is a fully automatic, multi-color ribbon hot stamping machine that can run at speeds of up to 7,200 impressions per hour.  This ribbon hot stamping system can feed multiple rolls of different colored foil simultaneously, allowing the system to hot stamp multiple colors of foil in one pass.  The most common uses of the E2-TR Ribbon Hot Stamping Machine are for hot stamping award ribbons, gift and packaging ribbon, rosette components and tapes.

Ribbon printers are able to customize their E2-TR Ribbon Hot Stamping Machines with a variety of available upgrades that we designed to further enhance production abilities.  With the ribbon rewinder upgrade, the ribbon hot stamping machine can automatically re-roll printed ribbon onto a spool, saving our clients time and money.  The base model ribbon hot stamping machine runs at 3,600 ribbon impressions an hour, but with the speed upgrade, the E2-TR can run at a top speed of 7,200 impressions per hour.

For a complete list of upgrade options and detailed information on the E2-TR Ribbon Hot Stamping Machine components, please visit the E2-TR Ribbon Hot Stamping Resource Page.  For more generalized information about hot stamping dies, artwork and foils, visit the Hot Stamping Applications Page.


E2-TR Ribbon Hot Stamping Machine Specifications

Size  2′ deep x 5′ wide x 4′ high
Weight  400 lbs. uncrated, 500 lbs. crated
Speed  3,600 per hour standard7,200 per hour with speed upgrade
Print Area  3″ x 10″ inches
Print Tonnage  5 tons nominal
Die Cutter  3″ x 3″ inches
Foil Feed  Single or multi-color foil feedAuto foil feed from 0.75″ ~ 3.25″ inchesAccepts up to a 1,000 ft. roll
Ribbon Pull   1″ ~ 24″ inches standard1″ ~ 34″ inches upgrade (+450)
Power Source  110 or 240


  • 240 Electronics
  • 32″ Ribbon Pull
  • Ribbon Rewinder
  • Ribbon Core Sizes
  • Speed Optimization

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